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       I bring you greetings and aloha from Waimea, Hawaii. I’m sitting here in my quiet office looking out the window as I continue working on my next book which is ninety-eight per cent complete. ‘Mutterings of an old Hawaiian Man.’ There’s a blue sky above, nice breeze blowing across the land and a cocoon of fog chasing it. Usually there’s several rock doves cooing in the ironwoods but not today. I wonder why?

       We live in the high country at thirty-eight hundred feet elevation. No sand and surf where we are, if we need that we must travel south about ten miles. The temperature differential is fifteen to twenty degrees at times. The difference is significant. Just farms, ranches and a place steeped in a lot of Hawaiian history where we are. Stuff I write about in most of my books. When you write, write about stuff you are familiar with and have FUN doing it. Family, friends, place.


       Have your dictionary and thesaurus close by. You know those books that have been collecting dust for a time on your bookshelf. It’s on your PC if you’re working off your PC or iPhone but I’m one of these old-fashioned guys who hail from the ‘Land Before Time.’ I like soft romantic music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s so I listen to music to break the day’s silence as I pound away on my keyboard with one finger.

       Well, a lot of muttering is going on in my brain, so I’d better get back to my keyboard, harness all that muttering and complete the two per cent I need to complete.

       Aloha until next time.

       RKLindsey, Jr.

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