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I bring you much aloha, blessings and greetings from Waimea, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawai’i. About fifty years ago, a friend suggested I write a book.  He was serious. I won’t deny, I was flattered. So here I am at 75. fifty years later, writing books. Ten published thus far and hopefully in the ‘winter of my years,’ with the short time I have left, a couple more. My first, Latitude 20.04 degrees N Longitude 155.71 degrees W, My latest, Mutterings of an Old Hawaiian Man. It’s half-baked and will be in the oven for another month.

        Why do I write? Well, I enjoy writing. I love to meddle and play with words and in all that meddling, construct stories of all the memories, dreams and ideas of by gone times that bounce around in my fat head. I find writing inspirational, recreational and spiritual. A form of therapy, especially since I’m a recovering stroke victim. I have one good hand and half a brain. Both sure work hard and I’m truly blessed to have them working so hard for me. And there’s always a takeaway. I hope the reader’s heart will be touched and inspired in some way.

        Kathy and I are elderly grandparents. We never thought we’d have grandkids. Well, now we have four wonderful grandsons. Thankfully she’s healthy enough to enjoy them. She’s our ‘Pony Express.’ Responds to emails, text messages or iPhone calls when our sons and daughters in law need help with the boys. I’m just the ‘Muttering Old Hawaiian Man,’ Sunday morning quarterback and cheerleader. Sitting in the bleachers. I write so that they will have a memory book to remember Papa and Tutu by. You should do the same if you haven’t. And have fun doing it.

        Folks ask if it’s hard? Writing was hard for me initially. But like anything else, you need to work at it. The more you do it. The easier it gets. It’s like playing a sport. Work! Work! Work! Practice! Practice! Practice!  And wa la. Magic happens.


        Until next time.

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