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The Makani is blowing across Waimea today and madam pele continues to bless us with her fiery energy at Halemaumau. I am in the process of completing my next book by the end of October (fingers crossed).


Our Founding Fathers over two hundred years ago said for our democracy to work, we needed an educated citizenry.


I bring you much aloha, blessings and greetings from Waimea, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawai’i. About fifty years ago, a friend suggested I write a book.  He was serious. I won’t deny, I was flattered. So here I am at 75.


I bring you greetings and aloha from Waimea, Hawaii. I’m sitting here in my quiet office looking out the window as I continue working on my next book which is ninety-eight per cent complete.


I’ve done some muttering since Blog 2 about days gone by, filled with memories. One comes quickly to mind, about my paternal grandpa who was a hoot. Talk about a guy who loved to BS, tell tales taller then the Empire State Building.


It’s a beautiful Waimea day and I’m envious of my neighbors. I hear weed whackers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and blowers at work. I wish I could join the fun. Soon I know the BBQ grills will be coming out and the smell of steaks and hot dogs will be perfuming the air.

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